Top 12 House Cleaning Mistakes You Should Never Make Again!

We all have our ways of making our houses sparkling, but are you aware of the typical house cleaning mistakes that might harm your surfaces? From product mixing to wiping wine spills, some may be causing more harm than good. Look at the top 12 blunders to avoid.

1 – Don’t Spray Wood Polish Directly to Your Furniture

a person spraying the floor to clean

If you apply excessive wood polish on your furniture, it may get discolored or warped. Instead, spray your wood polish upon something clean, such as a microfiber towel. Never use a cleaning agent on unsealed wood furniture. Using a lot of water to mop your hardwood may potentially cause harm.

2 – Never Use Bleach on Your Fabric Upholstery

a bunch of cleaning bleaches and sanitizers
One of the most important cleaning tips you need to know is to use the right product on the right surface. Read the care label to learn how to clean your couch safely and correctly. Bleach eats through the fabric, so avoid using it to remove stains and blemishes. It may produce holes in the sofa as well as fade the color of the fabric.

3 – Never Keep Toothbrushes in the Dark

a wooden toothbrush with multiple colors

Although the medicine cabinet may appear to be a germ-free space, the absence of light leaves it vulnerable to microorganisms. Just flush with the lid closed, and keep your brush out in the open.

4 – Never Mix your Cleaning Products

a lady holding multiple cleaning products

Mixing cleaning products is the most common house cleaning mistake people make. When used to clean bathrooms, materials like bleach and limescale remover can be hazardous and cause damage to your house. Because they can produce harmful fumes, some home cleansers that are made in a certain way shouldn’t be used with other products. Whenever cleaning, use a single natural remedy or commercial product.

5 – Do not have a lot of Water on Hardwood Floors

a well polished wooden hardfloor

Overly wet mopping of your hardwood floor can result in warped, water-stained, blackened, and damaged wood flooring. To prevent this, be sure to wipe the floors you’ve just cleaned with a dry towel or take every precaution to soak up as much extra water as you can. Open the windows and doors to hasten the drying process.

6 – Never use Rough Sponges on Stainless Steel

stain less steel dishesbeen washed inthe kitchen

It will function just as well using a non-scratch pad or sponge, but there is no chance of harm. Even though you might believe you need an abrasive sponge to get rid of stubborn stains, these hard scouring pads will simply cause steel cookware and stovetops to be damaged.

7 – Never Ignore Recyclable Bags

Treat grocery shopping bags with the same care you would any other cloth since they may still have food pathogens on them.

8 – Do not Use Dishwashing Soap for Everything

Despite its effectiveness in removing grease, this product leaves streaks on objects other than plates and cups. Therefore, you should avoid putting this liquid soap on the windows and mirrors of your automobile.

9 – Do not Scrub your Walls Vigorously

Using a non-scratch sponge or pad will perform just as well, but without the chance of causing harm. Although you may believe that an abrasive sponge is required to remove difficult stains, these hard scouring pads will only harm steel pots, pans, and stovetops.

10 – Never Overlook Cleaning your Dishwasher

Food can become lodged in the filter of your dishwasher. To keep your dishwasher in tip-top form, remove the filter regularly, rinse it, and run a cycle with a machine cleaner. It’s one of the most common house cleaning mistakes we all make, and it can very harmful to health.

11 Do not Use Vinegar to Clean Marble Countertops

If your toddler decides to doodle on your freshly painted walls, resist washing the scribbles away with a rough brush. Because of its strong acidity, white vinegar can strip surfaces of lustrous coatings or discolor natural materials. In any case, we recommend cleaning countertops with soapy warm water.

12 – Don’t Use Bleach to Remove Mold

Using bleach to remove mold might actually exacerbate the situation. While it may eliminate the black spots, it will not address the underlying source of the mold. This may be a cause for consulting a specialist, especially if the problem is big or developing.


So, what are the most common house cleaning mistakes you make most often? And which ones are your house cleaning tips so far?

We hope, these tips and tricks will help you avoid cleaning blunders and get a cleaner home. Happy Houses Cleaning Services is always here in case you require a professional house or apartment cleaning service in Denver and its neighborhood.

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