Read These 6 Cleaning House Facts Before Winter Arrival!

Are you ready to welcome winters? Winter brings festivals with it, and flue is also complementary to winters, isn’t it? When the cold season arrives, the odds of getting a cold or the flu increase. Because cold and flu are contagious diseases, no amount of cleaning or prevention can keep you completely safe from them. However, it is critical to learn what works and what doesn’t to guarantee that everything you do is practical and successful. Keep reading to check out the top 6 cleaning house facts during cold and flu season.

1 – Regular Disinfection is Important

Sanitizing is sufficient for routine household cleaning and hygiene. You can disinfect frequently touched places, such as toilet flushers, light switches, doorknobs, and drawer handles. Besides, performing hospital-level disinfection in your house will effectively destroy microorganisms. Eating healthily, getting adequate rest, and engaging in other usual health activities will suffice.

2 – Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions for Disinfection

So, this cleaning fact is related to the manufacturer’s instructions. Before applying a disinfectant, always read the tiny print. For example, you may need to clean a surface many times to remove all of the germs. To attain the desired effects, you may need to soak the surface in the disinfecting solution.

3 – Sanitization & Disinfection both are Important

a young female suffering from flu
Here comes one of the most interesting cleaning house facts during flu season. Sanitizing only kills 99.9% of germs, but disinfection kills virtually all bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the surface being disinfected.

So, yes, it’s crucial to understand that sanitization and disinfection are two different things. Although, when done correctly, sanitization can reduce germ exposure 1,000-fold as compared to disinfection.

4 – Clean all Contact Points Nicely

It’s very important to take care of contact points while home cleaning during the cold and flu season Also, whatever type of phone you have it must be kept clean. We do all sorts of activities while watching television and the traces are left on the remote control. They are extremely nasty and communal, so keeping them clean will assist the family in remaining healthy.

5 – Disinfection Won’t Work on Extremely Dirty Surfaces

To ensure that a disinfectant is effective, it should constantly be cleaned of dirt and filth before use. Even if you remove germs from a dirty surface, there is a good possibility they may reappear.

Cleaning products promise to kill up to 99.99% of germs, but only when used on a clean surface. This is probably one of the most important cleaning house facts that nobody talks about!

6 – Read Labels to Check Product’s Efficiency

Disinfecting and sanitizing a surface does not ensure that all germs are eliminated. The maker of a cleaning product must demonstrate that the product can get rid of disease-causing organisms on a flat, clean, and non-porous surface to make the claim that it removes 99.9% of germs. To find out what the answer can remove, you must read the small print.

So, what are your favorite cleaning house facts so far? Please let us know in the comment section.

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