Additional House Cleaning Services in Denver, Co

It’s no secret that we all need a little extra help sometimes. Happy Houses Cleaning Services goes beyond what normal cleaning teams do. We are proud to offer specialized Additional House Cleaning Services in Denver, CO to meet the needs of our Denver, CO community. 


Sometimes you don’t need a standard cleaning, as professionals with experience in Additional House Cleaning Services in Denver, CO we are here to tackle the random tasks that many of our satisfied customers have requested. Independent services are available at affordable prices.

Additional Cleaning Just for you in Denver, CO

 Although we love our regularly scheduled house cleaning services you may need a specialized service. Based on our experience this tends to be: 

  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Cleaning inside of cabinets and drawers 
  • Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas or tedious tasks 

If you’re already a client of ours these are add-ons to the work we’re already doing for your home. If you just need something done that other services don’t offer, we’re here for you! 

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Denver, CO

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee; your carpeted areas will look, smell, and feel better once we’ve completed our expert carpet cleaning services.  

 By removing hidden dirt, tough stains, allergens, germs, and bacteria, you will notice a difference in the way you and your home feels! 

Our all-inclusive carpet cleaning services offer: 

  •  Steam Cleaning 
  • Using Eco-Friendly products 
  • Allergy Control 
  • Spot removal 
  • Shampooing 
  • Water damage cleaning 
  • Dry cleaning 
  • Pet stain and odor removal 
  • Scotchguard 

 We also focus on deep cleaning your carpet during our visit, getting the imbedded debris that your vacuum cleaner regularly misses is a reason to have professionals tackle the job. Give us a call for flat rate pricing with no unexpected expenses! 

Specific Hourly

Services in Denver, CO

How can we assist you with your next unique cleaning task?

Our Housekeepers can aid with hourly services, We’re prepared to tackle specific areas in each room of your home.

We offer the following specific services

Outside Patio Laundry Services
Dishwasher Interiors Wood Shutters &Louvered Doors
Garages & Basements Inside Cabinets & Drawers
Window Cleaning Wall Cleaning

*Special cleaning projects vary by City and State. Contact us at 720-216-2258 for more information on available services.