As an Airbnb owner, you have to look after many things having all the guests around you. Today, we will discuss why an AIRBNB owner’s closet is important before the next guest checks in. In other words, the owner’s closet is also known as the cleaner’s closet. This closet is only accessible to the managing team, not to guests.

Reasons You Need to Set Up Owners Closet


Without security, your guests have all the access to the wifi router. Without any privacy, they can deactivate and reset the security system. Guests will make all the mess by just pressing one button, and your whole system can be reset. It is important to keep your security strong by managing the owner’s closet.


There is always a storage box, drawer or locker for the owner to keep all your belongings and restock guest items there. Without security, your guests will have access to all of these things, and they can get them all in bulk.

Quick Turn-Over

For quick turnover, it is important to have a backup. Always have things in bulk, such as shampoo, soaps and other essentials. So that when your guests ask for it, go with a smooth turnover without any delays. Having storage lockers can make a back-to-back turnover.

How To Set Up Your Owners Closet

To avoid house rules for your guests, you need to know the tactics. To make your guests comfortable or non-curious, make a short statement like a note and write it down, such as “Only Staff Is Allowed” and “Not Accessible to Guests“. You can also mark a sign on the lockers to prevent any kind of damage.

Installed Keyless Locks

a person adding numeric code to open locked door

Keyless Locks are way better than others. Nowadays, you can get keyless locks easily. Installed locks that are biometric or coded. So that only your team can open it and have access to it. This will make you less exhausted in finding keys etc.


Organizing things is one of the best and most important things. Because when you or your guest need something, you have access to them easily. Each item must have its space. Get a container store for managing things. Tag all the containers and place them one by one.

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