“You don’t know how to clean laminate floors? No problem! It’s much easier than it sounds. Take these tips into account to get specific care so that yours is impeccable.”

How to clean laminate floors, Laminate flooring has become a trend in interior remodeling, since, in addition to looking like wood, it is cheaper and easier to care for. In this way, what many do not know is that for its useful life to be prolonged and not lose its shine, certain specific care must be taken. Don’t you know them?

Don’t worry, our maids at Happy Houses

Cleaning Services teach you all about cleaning laminate floors.
Using a soft bristle broom is key in how to clean laminate flooring

One characteristic of laminate flooring is that it is very susceptible to scratches when we allow these to accumulate on it. In fact, sweeping should be a daily task. For this, the main recommendation is to use a soft bristle broom.

Another alternative on how to clean a laminate floor is to vacuum instead of sweeping. You can even do deep cleaning by using a soft brush in the direction that the tablets or tiles are going to remove the grime that remains between the lines of the floor to keep it neat and clean.
If something is spilled on the laminate floor, clean it immediately

Compared with floors such as porcelain and ceramic, laminate is usually a little more delicate, not only with scratches but also with factors such as humidity. For this reason, our maids at Happy Houses Cleaning Services recommend if you spill something on the floor: clean it immediately so as not to generate any kind of damage to the laminate floor.

When you clean the laminate floor, you immediately contribute so that the humidity does not stain or damage its protective layer. Keep it in mind.
Hot water is more than recommended!

Our maids recommend you use hot water.

so it is highly recommended if you are thinking about how to clean a laminate floor. It turns out that water is the liquid that least affects the layer that protects this floor, being the gentlest cleaner that exists.

What should you do? Put water to heat, until it is warm, and take it to a bucket. In this way, lightly wet the mop and start cleaning from the center to the ends. Avoid watering the floor, as this can be counterproductive. Finally open the windows to dry faster, although you can also use a microfiber cloth.

How to clean laminate floors with vinegar?

We know that you may have asked yourself this question, because vinegar, a natural antiseptic, do not worry, we have found that it has become almost the king of the home when it comes to cleaning. Vinegar alone can be abrasive to the floor, but mixed with water it will be your best ally.

To clean laminate flooring with vinegar you just need to mix it with water in a spray bottle. It can be 1 quart of the vinegar and three-quarters of water. You can also add a couple of drops of lemon. This solution will be especially useful when the ground is muddy. Finally, use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the floor.

Eraser and polish remover, two elements for a better cleaning

If what you want is to clean the marks left by heels on the laminate floor, the most recommended thing so that you do not try so hard and do not scratch the floor is to use a rubber eraser. We explain it to you because there are many concerns about this topic.

As for wine, ink, or soda stains, you can use a little hydrogen peroxide mixed with soap to remove them. Moistening a cloth with nail polish remover and rubbing the stain also works.

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