“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.
Roy T. Bennett

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We hope you are enjoying this beautiful time with your loved ones with a heart filled with gratitude and affection. Amid all these celebrations, nobody wants to get up and do the dishes. But what to do! Mess is a compulsion whenever you host a Thanksgiving Dinner. Don’t worry, this year, things are going to be easier because team Happy Houses Cleaning Services has summarized some of the best professional grade Thanksgiving clean up hacks for you.

Best Professional-grade Post-Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

Keep reading to check out these easiest cleaning tips that will help you enjoy more and worry less.

Start with the dinning room

The first thing you need to do is to start cleaning from your dining room. Yes, it’s going to be the messiest room, but after cleaning this, you’ll have a lot less burden on your shoulders.

Remove all dishes from the dining room and bring them to the kitchen, so they aren’t detected after you’ve cleaned the kitchen. Set up a soaking station in the kitchen and soak all of the dirty dishes while you clean the dining and living rooms. Also, clean your kitchen surfaces and stove.

Use Your Porch as Food Storage Place

It is safe to leave food outside if the temperature is freezing cold in Denver, since the weather is as cold as your refrigerator! Instead than wasting time trying to squeeze all of your leftovers into your fridge, simply place them on your porch and take them out when you need them!

Note: This recommendation is only applicable to fully screened-in porches. There are still many bugs that can survive at these temps, so keep the food on a sheltered porch.

Time to Clean your Kitchen!

a bundle of dirty plates after thanksgiving dinner
Kitchen is the most essential component of Post Thanksgiving cleanups, because the kitchen is probably the dirtiest area in your house. The thanksgiving meal has undoubtedly been spread all over the counters and stove. All of the food will wipe off so much easier if you soak them first. If a dishwasher is available, use it, but save the larger dishes for later. Larger foods, like the turkey, are typically served in large bowls.

Time to Clean Your Floors

a professional maid is cleaning carpet with vacuum cleaner
Wait until you have finished everything else before cleaning any of the rooms’ floors! Spend less time attempting to clear every piece of food off the table so that it doesn’t fall to the floor.

Brush the crumbs and other debris off the floor so you can quickly sweep it all up when you’re through! Cleaning up crumbs in one area might lead to them finding their way into another, so mop the floors after cleaning the rooms.

So, how are you liking these professional grade Post-Thanksgiving hacks so far? Well, keep reading because the best one is yet to come!

Hire Professional Maid Cleaning Service to Save Time & Effort!

Well, Thanksgiving is a time where families sit together and express their gratitude towards their loved ones. How are you going to be a part of such warm moments, when all your attention will be on cleaning your home?

We do not want you to spend your Thanksgiving like this, you deserve to be happy, and it’s your time to enjoy. As far as cleaning is concerned, we are here to handle that for you. Contact us right away to book your professional grade post Thanksgiving clean up in Denver today.

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